Directions Questionnaire

The first step in progressing a defended claim to final hearing is to complete and return to the court a directions questionnaire with the court fee. 

The court expects you to make contact with the other side of the dispute to discuss completion of the questionnaire.  The things to be discussed include:

  • If the case can be settled and agree to a month stay to facilitate this (can be extended for a further month if necessary), and if not;
  • Whether the case should be allocated to the small claims (<£10,000), fast track (£10,000 – £25,000) or multi-track (>£25,000),
  • Trial length
  • How long needed to prepare the case for trial & arrangements to exchange evidence; and
  • Agree any expert witness to be used
  • Contact the other side to discuss completion of the directions questionnaire
  • File and serve directions questionnaire
  • Arrange for an advocate to attend an allocation hearing with you
  • File and serve further written information as requested in an order for further information (allocation)
  • Instructions and any questions you wish to ask the other side
  • Your comprehensive written further information to comply with an order for further information (allocation)