Stage 8 – Enforcement

Do you have a judgment, but you still haven’t been paid? 

What are your CCJ enforcement options? 

How do you get paid?

Mercian Law can help.

If your debtor fails to pay what they owe you under your judgment, you can apply to the court to enforce the judgment.  The court will not do this on its own initiative, you must decide what method of enforcement to use and then make an application and pay the court fee.

Each method of enforcement is aimed at the different assets of the debtor.

Does your debtor:

  • Have a job? If so, with who and where?
  • Own any property?
  • Have belongings an enforcement officer could take to sell at auction and clear your debt?
  • Owe anyone else money?
  • Have a bank account you know of?

If you need more financial information you can ask the court for an order that your debtor attends court for questioning on their finances.  This is a way of finding out about your debtor’s income, assets and expenditure.  Such information can help you establish:

  • Whether your debtor can afford to pay you; and
  • Which method is likely to result in payment

Once you have enough information you can proceed with the method of enforcement most likely to result in payment, you can apply to the court to enforce your judgment by asking for either: