Possession Proceeedings

If you are a private landlord of residential property and you need assistance to obtain possession of your investment property.

Mercian Law can help.

Depending upon whether you wish to seek a judgment for any arrears:

  • Discuss options with you
  • Check Form 6a notice if already served
  • Serve required notice – Form 6a & S8
  • Issue possession claim – standard and accelerated
  • Arrange for an Advocate to attend possession hearing
  • Apply for a warrant of possession
  • Serve a Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 notice
  • Copy of tenancy agreement
  • Copy of deposit lodgement certificate & prescribed information (certificate of service for proof of service)
  • How to rent leaflet & proof of service
  • Energy performance certificate and proof of service
  • Gas safety certificate and proof of service
  • Details of any complaints and repair requests received from the tenant
  • Your letting agents (if used) tenants reference report
  • Guarantors details (if you have one)

If you do not have all of these please tell us as it may have an impact on what options are available to you.