Possession Proceeedings

If you are a private landlord of residential property and you need assistance to obtain possession of your investment property.

Mercian Law can help.

What’s Involved:

Depending upon whether you wish to seek a judgment for any arrears:

What we can do to help:

  • Discuss options with you
  • Check Form 6a notice if already served
  • Serve required notice – Form 6a & S8
  • Issue possession claim – standard and accelerated
  • Arrange for an Advocate to attend possession hearing
  • Apply for a warrant of possession
  • Serve a Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 notice

What we need from you:

  • Copy of tenancy agreement
  • Copy of deposit lodgement certificate & prescribed information (certificate of service for proof of service)
  • How to rent leaflet & proof of service
  • Energy performance certificate and proof of service
  • Gas safety certificate and proof of service
  • Details of any complaints and repair requests received from the tenant
  • Your letting agents (if used) tenants reference report
  • Guarantors details (if you have one)

If you do not have all of these please tell us as it may have an impact on what options are available to you.

Please click here to see our costs for residential possession claims.