What we do

Whether you are a regular user of legal or debt recovery services or not, we appreciate that you are experiencing a stressful situation. Our main objective is to assist with a successful resolution to your problem at a modest cost.

If you are a business or private landlord, and are owed money, or are being asked to pay for defective goods or services, Mercian Law can help.

8 Stages of Debt Recovery

If you already have your own credit control person or department, and they need additional support we also offer a fixed price annual advice retainer, providing unlimited telephone debt recovery advice. Assisting in discussing options and procedure.

You have six years from when the debt became payable to take action. Review your aged debtors, speak to Mercian Law and we can help you decide what action to take.

We monitor all business debtors throughout your case free of charge. So if their circumstances change we can advise you as soon as possible, for example, of a CCJ is registered, a director leaves the company.

If you don’t have Terms of Business, or they are in need of a review, Mercian Law can assist.

We can assist with one stage of the process or all eight, our solutions are totally flexible and we fit around you or your business.