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Late Payment Interest Notice

Case Particulars

I acted for a client that was owed £4,300 + VAT broker fee.  I sent a 7-day Late Payment Interest Notice demanding payment of the invoice, interest at 8.75% and £70 compensation for late payment.  The debtor failed to make payment and a small claim was commenced.  The Defendant made payment in full including costs and interest.  I lodged payment confirmation on Money Claim Online.  The Defendant filed a Defence on the basis that full payment had been made.  I filed and served an N236 confirming that the client no longer wished to proceed with the claim. 

Services & Fees

7-day Late Payment Interest Notice - £25 + VAT

Commence small claim - £250 + VAT & £ court fee £410

Total costs - £275 + VAT & £410 court fees, of which £100 solicitors costs was claimed from the debtor.

File Open – 7 weeks

Top Tip

If you owe money always communicate why you are late in making payment.  Waiting for a County Court claim to be issued before making payment is expensive as additional solicitor & court fees and interest are charged.

Posted by Verity Grigg


Late Payment Interest Notice