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Certificate of Cancellation

A client of mine had a County Court Judgment issued against them, which was picked up by a monitored company report.  They had 30 days from the date the Judgment to pay the Judgment balance and then request from the Court a Certificate of Cancellation, which removed the Judgment from the register and rectified their credit rating.

In order to make the Application for a Certificate of Cancellation I have to go on the Court record by filing at court and serving upon the other side a Notice of Acting.  I charge £25 + VAT to do this.  I also charge £25 + VAT to file and serve the N443 - Application for Certificate of Cancellation.  The Court fee is £15.

From realising a Judgment had been entered, to paying the Judgment and obtaining the certificate was 4 weeks.

Posted by Verity Grigg


Certificate of Cancellation