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Accelerated Possession Proceedings

Case Particulars

I acted for a private landlord to commence Accelerated Possession proceedings for an investment property.  The tenant had been in occupation since early 2013 and was a statutory periodic tenant.  No deposit had been paid and the letting agent had served a valid 2-month Form 6A Notice.

The proceedings were posted to the local County Court and took 7 days to be issued.  The tenant didn’t Defend the proceedings and a Possession Order and Costs order for £434.50 was granted.  The tenant vacated the property without the need for a Warrant of Possession.

Services & Fees

Commence Accelerated Possession Proceedings - £250 + VAT & £355 court fee

File Open – 9 weeks

Top Tip

If you have all your tenant documents in order, Accelerated Possession Proceedings can be swift.

Posted by Verity Grigg


Accelerated Possession Proceedings