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£1000 Small Claim

Debt Recovery

Case Particulars

I was instructed by a company who had a verbal referral agreement with another company and was owed £1,000 commission. 

A 7-day Late Payment Interest Notice was sent, and payment was still not forthcoming.  A small claim was commenced, and no response was filed to the claim. I was instructed to obtain Judgment in default. 

The debtor made payment of the invoice amount only and applied for a Certificate of Satisfaction.  Then they paid the costs and interest and I notified the court that full payment had been received.

Services & Fees

To send a Late Payment Interest Notice - £25 + VAT

Commence small claim - £150 + VAT (of which £80 was added to the amount claimed) & £70 court fee

Request Judgment in default - £55 + VAT

File Open – 3 months

Top Tip

Always have agreements in writing, ideally drafted for your business.  Relying on verbal agreements can often result in disputes over what was agreed.

Posted by Verity Grigg


Debt Recovery