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Did you know that for a small fee you can check if an individual or company has a County Court Judgment?  There is only one register for Judgments www.trustonline.org.uk

Search Details

A search of the register will provide:

  • the name and address of the Judgment debtor
  • date of Judgment
  • name of court that granted the Judgment

The Judgment creditor details will not be provided.

Can a CCJ be cancelled?

Yes, but you have to act fast.  If the debt is paid in full within 1 month of the Judgment being issued by the Court, a Certificate of Cancellation should be requested using court form N443 .  The Court fee is £15 and Mercian Law charge £25 + VAT to make the request on your behalf.

Can a CCJ be removed from the Register?

After the Judgment has been on the register for six years it will automatically be removed by Registry Trust.

What are the consequences of having a CCJ?

  • it will adversely affect your credit rating
  • any offers of credit are usually at a higher cost because you will be deemed a higher risk

Enforcement of CCJ

As soon as the Judgment has been awarded enforcement action can be commenced.  There are various methods of enforcement available.  Mercian Law can discuss which option will be best suited against your debtor.

Posted by Verity Grigg