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Dikigorosophobia, Do you have it?


Do you have a fear of solicitors?  In particular the traditional hourly charging for every little thing? 

If you do, you are not alone, it is a common concern of many small businesses.  Despite this, the law has never been more complicated, with more court action, and with so much at risk. 

Did you know there are 5.5 million SME’s (under 50 employees) in the UK?  They represent:

  • 99.9% of all private sector businesses
  • Provide 60% of all private sector employment
  • Have a combined turnover of £1.8 trillion/ 47% of private sector turnover.

In a 2015 report published by the Small Business Research Centre, for the Legal Services Board, it was found that:

  • only 13% of small businesses view lawyers as cost-effective.  Therefore 87% think as a profession lawyers are not value for money
  • Fewer than one in ten small businesses (under 50 employees) employed either an in-house lawyer or had a retainer with an external law firm.

No doubt because having an in-house lawyer is a luxury beyond the budget of most small businesses, and having a solicitor on annual retainer isn’t often a service offered by traditional practices.

It is estimated that annual losses to small businesses from legal problems is around £10 billion.  In addition, a fifth of small business owners with a legal problem suffered health problems as a result of the experience. 

Can your business or your health afford not to get specialist legal advice?

What solutions does Mercian Law offer?

  • Unlimited telephone debt recovery advice for £2000 + VAT per year.

This is for those businesses that have either an in-house credit control team or accounts department that requires advice on debts they pursue themselves, to assist them in deciding on next steps or to obtain assistance with documents received.  Or, those that have a volume of historical book debts that need reviewing.

  • Legal opinion on merits of a case

Small Claim   £500 + VAT

Over £10,000 £700 + VAT

  • Reviewing Terms of Business £500 + VAT

A common saying is that prevention is better than a cure.  Being proactive rather than reactive is always best, start by obtaining assistance with the drafting or reviewing terms of business.

Mercian Law hopes that by having such transparency in fees, along with a personal service, that small business will be less reticent about instructing us and seeking advice.

If you are the person burying your head in the sand because of the perception that seeking legal advice is expensive.  Or you have tried to resolve your legal issue yourself and things have gone wrong, give us a call and we will discuss options and fixed fees with you.

Our fixed fees or annual retainer range from £25 up to £2000.  Affordable and accessible legal advice for SME’s. 

There is no cost for an initial chat, let’s work together and establish what assistance you need, and we will quote and agree on a fee before we start work.

Call: 01827 215679
Email: enquiry@mercianlaw.com

Posted by Verity Grigg