Mercian Law Limited

Company Reports

Mercian Law Limited, by licence from Red Flag LLP, can provide company reports for £10 + VAT per report, sent by PDF e-mail attachment.  Alternatively, a monthly subscription at £100 + VAT for a maximum of 12 reports per month.

The reports provide financial intelligence, to enable better credit management and can help to determine credit risk.  Such reports should be obtained throughout the life cycle of the business relationship.

The reports include:

The reports will be of assistance to those:

Key Benefits:

To have good cash flow, you need to be pro-active with credit control and risk management, which we can assist, by providing accurate and relevant reports, containing full details on a business and its creditworthiness, giving you the confidence to make quick and informed decisions.

Company reports will enhance your existing knowledge of your customers and suppliers, and how you operate on a daily basis and ultimately improve your bottom line.

If the service is of interest to you e-mail: or call 01827 215679